Corporate Partnership

In Business and in Events, the Right Partner is Everything
Many of New York City’s — and, in fact, the world’s — leading companies partner with Dining Engagement Group, because of its exciting and effective ability to help achieve their business, entertainment, and community and employee relations objectives.  The result for our corporate partners is a heightened level of visibility in front of a highly discerning market — our audience and followers — whose loyalty to the organization runs deep and the respect for the corporate community supporting Dining Engagement Group runs high.

Dining Engagement Group is a leader in the field of events, and as a result, brings hundreds of thousands of people into our network, every year, with even more reached through our extensive online presence.  With over 50 weeks of functions and 300 venues in its repertory, Dining Engagement Group has a long running season of productions and the most diverse array of functions produced.  Our partners recognize that by putting their name alongside that of Dining Engagement Group, they are demonstrating their own commitment to quality, innovation and excellence among one of the most sophisticated and loyal audiences in the world.

Dining Engagement Group offers the business community many opportunities for partnership:

  • Corporate Partners Program
  • Corporate Sponsorships
  • Corporate Entertainment

Born of a vision of the ultimate Event Company… We are Dining Engagement Group.

For more information, please contact our Corporate Relations department at (718) 924-0238.